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Caring for Our Community


We do whatever we can to give back to the community,

including supporting referrals from the Social Welfare

Department and also non-profit organizations in terms

of funeral services.


Apart from funerals, we also provide community services.

Examples would be organizing talks and events for the

elderly. We have co-organized an event, Tour of Death

(死亡之旅), with St. James’ Settlement. The tour's

aim is to assist elderly in prearranging their funeral

arrangements. We have also organized LIFE Education

(生命教育) and introduce positive concepts to students

in schools. In recent years, we have co-organized an

exhibition on paper coffins and crafts (紙觀賞 、 賞紙棺),

providing the general public information regarding funerary
customs and rituals in a light-hearted manner.
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