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About Us
Kung Sau Funeral Service has been in the industry for
more than 80 years. Established since 1920s and 4
generations later, we make use of our experience and
expertise in supporting families and friends who have

lost their loved ones. We also assist them in arranging

an impeccable wake by providing professional and
thoughtful suggestions.
Through constant improvements and innovations, Kung
Sau aims to provide a personalized all-in-one service.  

From consultations, paperwork, traditional ceremonies

to the floor plan of the wake and funeral, we are details
oriented and make sure that the needs of those in grief
are being satisfied.

Kung Sau Funeral Service has been one of the caring-

company since 2007. This indicates that the contribution
we made and services that we provide is being well
perceived by the community. ˇ§Serving and caring for

the community with professionalism and honestyˇ¨ has

always been our mission, we continue to serve our

community via various channels: having talks and

activities for the elderly; promoting positive value

towards life to students; informing the public with

knowledge and concepts in regards to wakes and

memorial services; supporting and consulting grieving

families. We aim to channel positive and optimistic

messages to the general public.


Offering a customized service, promoting positive

messages to the public, we understand the needs of our

clients. We strive to improve the standard of our

services and to ful fill our mission statement.

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